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Welcome From the Pastor

A Message from the Pastor


So, you’ve stumbled upon the website of First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster.  Welcome!  You could have found yourself here for a number of reasons.  But, chances are that you’re curious about this community of faith. So, let me tell you a little bit about it.

I have a unique perspective on First Presbyterian Church.  My family and I moved here with my other ministry, as a hospital chaplain, in late 2006.  So, I didn’t come to FPC to be a part of the staff — certainly not the pastor.

We came to this here as visitors.  We were looking for a church home; a place to raise our children in a supportive, nurturing faith; a community in which to live out Christ’s call to love others as we love ourselves.  We found it! From the very first time we entered the building, as strangers, we felt welcomed and loved.  Soon, it was clear that we had found “our church.”

We never approached this church (or any church) as “consumers.”  We understand that the church exists as a community of love — loving one another and sharing Christ’s love with the world.  And, we knew, through denominational channels, that the church had a reputation for living that into reality.

The church has many programs from Presbyterian Children’s Fellowship to the J.O.Y. Club (“Just Older Youth”) seniors’ group.  There is a vibrant Cumberland Presbyterian Women’s Ministry and a very active Men’s Fellowship. Our youth group, Presbyterian Youth Fellowship, provides a supportive community for teens. Small Groups meet to study traditional Sunday School curriculum, discuss video clips, or share readings in postmodern theology.  Sure, this church has a lot going on. But, that’s not an advertising gimmick. Those things aren’t designed to “lure” folks in.  They are simply a part of the way we live in community and deepen our understanding of what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ.

So, if you are looking for a church that will love you…just the way you are, I would encourage you to visit First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster.  It is, indeed, an open community…really.  This is a church that will love and accept you.  You don’t need a certain income level or fancy clothes.  You don’t need to pretend to be who you aren’t (or hide who you are).  Trust me, if this community of faith can accept me, you’ll fit right in.

One word of caution: Don’t expect to be a “pew-warmer” or to be entertained.  There’s a lot of work happening around here. We’re building a new world.  And, you’ll soon find an opportunity to serve.  I suspect that you’ll also find a new sense of purpose…and a church home.

To the Glory of God,
Pastor Matthew

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