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New Visitors FAQ

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster.

While you are getting to know us, we’d like to do our part by sharing with you as much information as possible. Below you’ll find answers to everything we thought you’d like to know, but if we’ve left anything out, please do not hesitate to call or email us right away. We’ll respond back to you just as soon as possible.


First, a Welcome from Pastor Matthew


What are your Worship Service times?

Sunday mornings at 10:30AM

What Sunday School classes are available?

We have classes for all ages and interests from 9:15 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. each Sunday. Visit the Sunday School page to find out more regarding Sunday School Classes.

Is childcare available?

Nursery care for infants and toddlers is provided during Sunday School and Worship Service.

Are children welcome in worship?

We welcome all children for the entirety of worship.

How big is a typical Sunday service, and how long will the worship service last?

A standard Sunday worship welcomes around 80-120 people, and the service lasts about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes.

How large is First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster?

We have approximately 130 members.

What is the process for communion, and how often is it served?

First Presbyterian Church offers Communion on the first Sunday of each month, as well as certain church holidays throughout the year. Grape juice is served instead of wine. Depending on the Sunday, the bread and the cup may be taken down the aisles and passed to members in their pews. On other Sundays, Communion will be taken by Intinction, where all who wish to participate come forward down the center aisle, take a piece of bread, dip it into the cup, and return to their seats.

Do I need to be Presbyterian to receive communion?

No. We welcome all who wish to take Communion.

What should I wear to Sunday Worship Service?

More important than what you wear to church, we want you to be comfortable here. You’ll find everything from suits and ties to blue jeans on a Sunday morning. Women often wear skirts, slacks, or dresses; men usually wear sports shirts and slacks, but it can vary from collared shirts and khakis to sport coats, and sometimes suits and ties.

Can I get married at First Presbyterian Church?

Weddings for members of First Presbyterian Church receive first priority. Given the personal and spiritual nature of the ceremony, we believe that weddings should take place in the church where the couple intends to worship so that the couple can be surrounded by the people and environment that will support them throughout their marriage. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, that is not practical or possible. We are willing to work with non-member couples to serve their needs when it is not possible for them to be married in their home church, or if they do not have a church home. For more information, please call our church office at 205-663-3152, or email your questions to

I’d like to consider singing in the choir. How would I go about doing this?

All are welcome to sing in the choir and/or join various music events throughout the year. For more information, visit the music/choir page.

Do you have a Youth Program?

Absolutely! We have two different youth groups depending on age. At FPCA, we consider “youth” to be children from 7th grade and older — also known as PYF (Presbyterian Youth Fellowship). And children from Kindergarten to 6th grade are involved in our “children’s” programs — also known as PCF (Presbyterian Children’s Fellowship). Both groups are extremely active and a vital focus of our congregation.

Do I have to be a member of FPCA in order for my children to participate in the youth and children events?

Nope. Any child or youth who is interested in hanging out with us are welcome! We have lots of children and youth who participate each week in PCF/PYF activities but attend worship services with a different church family. Not every church has a youth program, and we are thrilled to include any youth who are interested in good fellowship and fun activities.

What types of fellowship opportunities does your church offer?

Too many to count really — but we’ll try to name a few. We have a Family Fellowship Dinner once a month (potluck style — usually the last Wednesday of the month), gatherings to celebrate seasonal events, breakfasts, musical performances, youth events, festivals, etc. Read through out website announcements and see our upcoming events — and JOIN US!

Does FPCA participate in Mission Activities?

Yes! We organize different trips each year – sometimes this includes foreign countries, sometimes it’s a matter of going down the road to help with local needs. Each year is different, but we have an active outreach program in place here at FPCA.

Is the Church Handicap Accessible?

Yes! We have special “right upfront” parking available, making it easy for entering and existing the building, and our facilities are also handicap accessible throughout.