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Guidelines for Ushers

  1. First, ushers are to remember that they are part of the worshiping community.  Unless specific duties are being carried out or an emergency situation requires, ushers are to actively participate in the worship service;
  2. Ushers will serve in groups of four (4) and rotate on a monthly basis;
  3. Ushers should be in the Narthex by 10:15 am;
  4. Three (3) ushers are to be located respectively at the north and south entrance and the double door leading into the sanctuary to handout bulletins and greet worshipers;
  5. One (1) usher will be present in the Narthex to assist worshipers with seating, locate facilities, and tend to any concerns that may arise;
  6. That one usher, if desired, may stay in the Narthex throughout the worship service to assist with any need that might arise during the worship hour.  However, this is not a requirement.  All other ushers are asked to worship with the community once the responsibilities prior to the worship service beginning are accomplished;
  7. The rotation of ushers to be stationed at the doors and the one usher to assist worshipers in the Narthex will be determined by the ushers serving in a particular month;
  8. Should an emergency arise, one of the on-duty ushers is responsible for calling 911;
  9. Immediately following the affirmation of faith during the worship service, those serving as ushers will move to the Narthex to prepare to receive gifts of tithes and offerings;
  10. Two ushers will line up at the back of the sanctuary and move forward to the first pew on either side of the sanctuary when the offertory music begins.  The other two ushers will station themselves at the north and south back exit doors of the sanctuary and move forward to the second pew of their side when the offertory music begins;
  11. Once the offering is collected and the ushers have made their way back to the Narthex, they will collect the offerings to two of the offering plates and wait for the Doxology to begin.  The offering will be brought forward and placed on the corners near the lectern and the pulpit.  The ushers will then move back to the front of the communion table and wait for the prayer of dedication to be prayed;
  12. The ushers will then return to their seat and continue in the worship of the community;
  13. Following the worship service’s conclusion, the ushers are asked to be available in the Narthex for any assistance needed for those leaving the worship area.


Anyone interested in serving as usher may contact Marcia Allen at

Please visit the Church Calendar to see the upcoming Usher Schedule.