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Guidelines for Liturgists

  1. Liturgists are to be present in the sanctuary by 10:15 am and will participate in the leading of worship with Pastors ;
  2. The office will provide copies of liturgy and scripture lessons to be read and will note those places in the liturgy that will be lead by the liturgist;
  3. Liturgists are to serve on a monthly basis;
  4. Liturgists are to refrain from over directing worship, i.e., there is no reason to tell people to stand or sit down, as these movements are clearly marked in the bulletin.  Also it is unnecessary to ask people to pray the corporate prayers.  Simply pause before the prayer and then begin.  The worshipers will know what to do;
  5. When the liturgist is leading a prayer that is not  corporate, it is appropriate to say:  “Let us pray…” and then begin the prayer;
  6. Following the confession of sin the liturgist is to pay particular attention to the parenthetical (continue to pray in silence).  This period of silent confession is an important part of individual worship and is to last for a full 60 seconds.  Use a watch if necessary, but be patient with this time;
  7. When scripture is being read it is appropriate to say, “The Old Testament lesson today comes from (as an example) the book of Isaiah, chapter 35 and begins with verse 1”.  The same formula is appropriate for Psalter readings, New Testament and Gospel lessons;
  8. Liturgists are to supply the church office with contact information, i.e., email addresses or postal addresses.  Liturgy will be sent to you so that you can familiarize yourself with the liturgy and the scripture lessons;
  9. It is helpful for the liturgists check their batteries on their lavalier microphone and place in the “on”  position before  performing their duties.



Please visit the Church Calendar for the upcoming Liturgist schedule.