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What is an Acolyte?

The formal definition: (1) One who assists the celebrant in the performance of liturgical rites. (2)A devoted follower or attendant.

At First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster, we traditionally choose 2 acolytes for each worship service. Acolytes will carry the light of Christ and light the altar candles.   Any child in first grade or above interested in serving as an acolyte can contact Scott Oyer at or Marcia Allen at

Acolyte Guidelines

  1. Acolytes are to be in the Narthex to get robed and prepared by 10:15 am;
  2. Acolytes  will wear rope belts that mark the color of the season;
  3. Acolytes will carry in the light of Christ, lighting the two sanctuary candles first, then together lighting the Christ candle;
  4. After the candles are lighted, the acolytes may sit on the front pews or with their family for the worship service;
  5. Acolytes who sit with their families during worship are to move to the front pews during the passing of the peace and prepare themselves to extinguish the candles;
  6. As the pastor calls for the congregation to stand, the acolytes will move to the sanctuary candles and extinguish each of them.  They will then turn to the Christ candle and light the wicks of their candle lighter and move slightly in front of the pastor;
  7. Following the charge and benediction pronounced to the worshipers, the acolytes will lead out of the sanctuary with the light of Christ;
  8. Upon exiting the sanctuary the acolytes will extinguish their lights.


Please visit the Church Calendar to find the Acolyte Schedule.