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JOY Club

Sure, we’re a jolly group. But do you know what JOY really stands for?

Just Older Youth!

“The perfect group for those of us in the somewhat senior population.”

The Joy Club gives seniors the opportunity to meet new friends and get to know old friends better.

The calendar of activities changes from year to year and may include anything from trips to museums or the old Shelby County Courthouse, to visits to the local vineyards and the famous “Cheese House”.

A highlight from just a couple years ago was a fabulous cruise out of Mobile to Cozumel and Calica, and some wonderful shipboard memories.

Whether it’s enjoying a potluck lunch at a fellow club member’s home or getting together for Lenten Services in Montevallo, it’s always a blessing to be a part of this group.

We usually meet the first Wednesday of each month, but watch for monthly announcements on the website or in our weekly FPC Alabaster newsletter for the exact days and times!