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History of Pastors

First Presbyterian Church of Alabaster, Shelby County, Alabama,

A Cumberland Congregation

The following is an incomplete list of pastors that have served at First Presbyterian Alabaster – Information for this list was taken from “The History of Elliottsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church” by Lavada Harper, clerk of Session, 1940. Information was also taken from “A Sketch of the History of Birmingham Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1896-1898” compiled by Barry Anderson in 1989.



Rev HM Jones                       circa 1857 (Church known as Henry Ewing CPC)

Rev Dave Young Wyatt         1885-1892

Rev D.Y. Wyatt also served as the first pastor for Spring Creek CPC Church in Montevallo, AL- was one of Spring Creek’s founding members

Rev. J.H. Zwingle                   1894-1896/1898 – Alabama Presbytery – Alabama Synod 1897

Rev. L. F. Goodwin                1896-1897 – Alabama Presbytery – Alabama Synod 1897  (Church changes name to Elliottsville)

Rev. B. F. Chastain,                1900-1902 Birmingham Presbytery Alabama Synod

Rev.  L. B.Morgan         1903-04 (listed as “Minister Now in Charge” in Birmingham Presbytery reports )

Rev. J.W. Chesier                   1905-07   Birmingham Presbytery Alabama Synod

Rev. Eugene Lee

Rev. J.M. Alexander


Rev. A.C. Acton                     1942-1946 Supply Pastor

Rev. E.R. Knox                       1946-1949 Supply Pastor

Rev. J.D. McCain                   1946-1949 Supply Pastor

Rev. A. Doyle                         1946-1949 Supply Pastor

Rev. Tommy Dorsett           1946-1949 Supply Pastor

Rev. S.G. Herring                1946-1949 Supply Pastor

Rev. Mr. C.E. Bishop             1952- 1956 / 1962-1969

Rev. Joe Barlow                     1956- March 1957

Rev. Neal Morris                    1957-1958

Rev. Harold Hicks                  1958 – Served as supply pastor until his death in Nov 1958

Rev. Beverly Johnson             1959-1962

Rev. Mr. Roy Hall                  1972-1976 –  Grace Presbytery

Rev. Mr. Terry Maynard        1976-1994 –  Grace Presbytery

Rev. O, Ray Howton               1995-1996 –  Grace Presbytery

Rev. Mr. Chris Joiner            1997-2003 –  Grace Presbytery

Rev. Mark A. Davenport        2004- 2013 – R. Donnell Presbytery (church changes name from Elliottsville to First Presbyterian)

Rev Darren L. Kennemer      September 2014- 2019

Rev. Matthew Ingram            August 2019 – present


Associate Pastors

Rev. Earl Goodwin                 1998- 2004

Rev. Tom Gillis                      1998- 2004

Rev. Darren Kennemer           2008- 2014

Rev Earl Goodwin                 2014 – 2019