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Elliottsville Cemetery

general-map-of-elliottsville-redman-millstill-liberty-cemeteriesThe Elliottsville Cemetery is actually several cemeteries joined together. There is the original Elliottsville Cemetery, The Redman Cemetery, and the Old Mill Cemetery.

There are two cemeteries which are adjoined to the Elliottsville cemetery but not a part of the Elliottsville Cemetery — the Liberty Cemetery (which is affiliated with Liberty Baptist Church) is located near the wooded area in back, and to the front left side is the Still Cemetery (which is a privately owned cemetery not affiliated with a church). FPC Alabaster does not have the information on the grave sites or plots in either of these cemeteries.

An independent genealogical survey was done in the 1980s of those buried in the Elliottsville Cemetery. For that list of names you can go to: Please note that website is not affiliated with FPCA and we are not responsible for its content. It has also includes information from the Still and Liberty Cemeteries but does not distinguish between the cemeteries.

The church office also has an alphabetical grave listing and actual locations of burial sites in the Elliottsville, Redman, & Mill cemeteries. This resource is not available for check-out or loan. If you are in need of information from this resource please contact the FPC Alabaster office at the number noted below or by visiting the Contact Us page on this site to make an appointment.

The Elliottsville cemetery is overseen by the Cemetery Committee. You may contact them by first contacting the FPCA office at 663-3152.