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LifeCircles – A New Way to Connect

LifeCircles – Building Community – A New Way to Connect
“… to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves…”  1 Thessalonians 2: 8

We are in the process of transitioning from Shepherd Groups to Life Circles. Each “LifeCircle” is based on interests -Find the circle you feel the closest connection to and join that circle.

LifeCircles LOGO 10 2014

There are Six Groups:


Supper Club

Sports Center

Nature Lovers

Helping Hands

Crafts & Things

You can join as an individual, or your entire family can join the circle – do whatever makes the most sense for you. Everyone should have an official circle to call “home” so that everyone in the circle can keep close contact to one another during any time of need, but feel free to participate in any activity that the other groups are having. For instance if you sign up with the “Supper Club” you can still go to a Barons ball game with the “Sports Center” Group .

If you have not signed up for a LifeCircle, please look for information in the Narthex (or the walkway between the Sanctuary and the Chapel) or contact the office.

If you have questions, feel free to send them to We’ll begin compiling your questions and develop a Q&A list. There’s a good chance that others have the same questions as you.


FPCA LifeCircle Questions & Answers:

Q: Most groups are self-explanatory, but can you give a few examples of what the Helping Hands circle might do for activities?

A: Sure. Once the circle begins meeting, they will probably come up with all sorts of helpful activities. But to start out, this group might organize and/or participate in Habit for Humanity activities, they might do projects or help spread the word for Safe House, Shelby County Emergency Assistance, and other local charities. Maybe they will plan an evening to serve at Jimmie Hale Mission. This group will probably consist of those who like to be the “doers” as well as those who may not be able to “do” but have big hearts and want to help plan.

Q: Usually a “Supper Club” is one of those groups where they rotate a themed supper at an individual’s home. If I join this Circle, does that mean I have to have a ton of people over to my home…and be responsible for feeding them?

A: Not at all! This Circle is mainly focused on getting out on the town and experiencing a fun time out with friends. It may be a small quaint lunch one day, or maybe it’s a night out in downtown Birmingham. This Circle will probably have various activities to appeal to all age groups and taste buds.