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CPYC (June 23-28 at Bethel)

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CPYC (June 23-28 at Bethel)

CPYC (Cumberland Presbyterian Youth Conference) is for youth grades 9-12 and held at Bethel University (325 Cherry Ave, McKenzie, TN 38201)  June 23-28, 2019. All participants are asked to  arrive between 1-3:30PM (CST). Registration will begin at 1PM on Sunday, June 23. All youth and adult participants should plan to be at Bethel between 1PM-4PM.  If you need additional information contact Lori .   CPYC will be over on June 28th at 1PM (CST).

What to Bring: Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, flashlight, towels, wash cloths, soap, other toiletry items/articles, pillow w/case, sheets for an XL-twin bed, blanket, insect repellant, gold bond, sunscreen, swimsuit. Optional items: musical instrument, or other things to showcase your ability at talent sharing night, camera, ball glove, Thursday evening students may choose to dress up for our catered dinner. “Dress up” can be interpreted however the participant chooses while still following the participant guideline, eno, some money for offering, canteen, Chick Fil A, Bethel and CPYC swag/merchandise. Bring comfortable clothes for the outdoors and more than one pair of shoes. Activities include: swimming, sports, non-sports games, etc. A jacket or sweatshirt may be needed or desired at times.

Costs: All youth and adult participants must have paid registration fee in full by arrival to Bethel University on Sunday, June 23 – unless other arrangements have been made with director of CPYC Nathan Wheeler. You are responsible for your own travel costs and arrangements, CPYC grill and CPYC/Bethel merchandise.

Offering: An offering will be received during CPYC. This offering will go to the CPYC Endowment Fund. This endowment helps pay for future CPYCs and scholarships for those who need them. In addition, we will be collecting a special offering all week for the Amaga CP Church in Colombia, South America.

Bethel Grill/Snack Bar : The Bethel grill is open on selected afternoon and evenings. This is at an additional cost. This is located in Morris Stockton Hall.

for more info click here… CPYC link